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Electrical Engineering (Deleted)

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Electrical Engineering (Expired)


Leatherhead, United Kingdom

The KBR’s Electrical team have experience in the design of power generation, transmission and distribution systems, in the oil and gas and power sectors. Electrical systems vary greatly in size from a few kW to 1,000MW.

KBR design electrical systems from concept definition, through Front End Engineering Design (FEED) and finally detailed design, eventually supporting Construction & commissioning phases.  At the conceptual stage, differing solutions to a particular project will be proposed and evaluated with respect to both technical and commercial viability, and a concept case recommended.

During a FEED the concept will be further developed and optimised to provide a sound basis on which to commence execution of the design. During the detailed design phase, detailed documentation will be prepared, procurement of equipment and definition of installation and construction requirements.  

KBR has the expertise to offer different execution methods including design/construction standards (IEC, NEC etc.) and software packages to meet job requirements.

At each stage of the design process, there will be periodic peer reviews and external reviews including Client design reviews, if required.

Different strategies have been used in project execution methods to meet our client requirements for onshore and offshore plants.

Strategies focussing on weight, space, environment, operating conditions, local regulations are typical for offshore topside platforms and FPSO throughout the world. 

Our expertise has been used not only in the oil and gas sector but also in renewable energy industries. 

Experience in offshore platform designs enabled KBR to execute offshore wind farm projects to transfer the generated electricity over many miles using HVDC systems offshore and connecting to a national grid substation.

Success in delivering high class projects is mainly due to the highly qualified professionals in the Electrical department, some 145 engineers and designers are employed in the UK at present.

For larger projects or workloads additional resources can be sourced from other offices based around the world; each office is equipped with state of the art electrical design systems and communications systems, and works to identical procedures and work processes to ensure seamless execution of the work.

Described below are two of the projects that the KBR London has recently executed which include large power generation installations, transmission and distribution systems.  

Gorgon LNG.

Gorgon LNG is the largest project being executed at present in the Oil and Gas industry.

Gorgon LNG project is located both Offshore of the North-West coast of Australia, and at an island close to shore, which has been classified as Class A nature reserve. The offshore field contains an estimated gas resource of 40 trillion cubic feet.

Production gas is treated and forwarded by pipeline to the Onshore Liquefaction (LNG) plant, then offloaded onto tankers for transport to the point of sale. 

FEED and EPC of the Gorgon Onshore LNG facilities, including the jetty offloading systems, have been designed and executed by KBR and its joint venture partners for Chevron Australia Pty LTD and their partners ExxonMobil and Shell.

The electrical scope of work included design, specification and selection of electrical equipment, preparation of design documentation and supply of materials and installation of the complete electrical facilities. 

The electrical network is designed to supply approximately 400 MVA of peak load with provision for future expansion, powered by seven of 103MW Gas Turbine Generators. The distribution system includes 132kV, 33kV, 11kV and 6.6kV HV switchgear, in addition to 690V and 400V LV systems.

Due to the scale and the complexity of the project the engineering is being executed in a number of operating centres around the world.

Saudi Aramco Shaybah.

Saudi Aramco is the largest oil company in the Middle East. KBR has been awarded the (upgrade) FEED and EPC of the Shaybah NGL Program that includes Shaybah NGL Recovery Facilities and Shaybah Debottlenecking Facilities Phase 1.

The electrical power demand for these facilities is of the order of 380-400MW and 220-240MW respectively; power is generated by Combustion Gas Turbine Generators. The output of the generators will be connected, via unit transformers, to the 230kV gas insulated switchgear substation.

Substation voltage levels to be provided include 230kV, 13.8kV, 4.16kV and 480V. A 230kV double circuit overhead transmission line will be installed at the Debottlenecking  Facility to distribute power between the various site locations.

System Studies

Generally, a simulation of the complete electrical system will be analysed for different configurations and operating scenarios to check the robustness of design, the correct definition of equipment ratings and system stability.

According to the information available at a given stage, this study can be performed using well established packages such as Electrical Transient Analyser Programme (ETAP) or SKM Power Tools System (PTW) to analyse a network for load flow, motor starting capability, stability, and harmonic penetration; a number of other facilities are available, including protection coordination.

The Electrical Group uses manual methods as well as specialist computer software packages to provide a complete range of system studies at all stages of a project, from the concept study phase to operational studies.

KBR has performed studies on a number of existing installations requiring modifications or experiencing protection co-ordination or power quality problems.

Industry recognised software packages, such as Electrical Transient Analyser Program (ETAP) or SKM Power Tools System (PTW) may be used for system studies according to the scope of work and client preference.   

Opportunities within the Electrical Group

We have opportunities across the board for engineering and design work. Our current projects and projected future workload provide us with the opportunity to expand our current Electrical workforce and provide the right individuals with a career which meets their aspirations.

Our UK design offices are in Leatherhead, Surrey and Greenford West London; we have offices around the world and are working closely with them completing major projects via virtual workshare. Short business trips to Europe, Asia and the Americas are part of our day to day work. In addition, we are able to offer long term overseas opportunities to the right people.

We have formally accredited training schemes with the IET Institution of Engineering and Technology (formally the IEE).  Alongside this, we have an established mentoring system in place.