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  • Posted29 May 2017
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Hello world! We are FeedbackFruits.

We are startup improving education for learners worldwide. Our platform is built on modern web technologies like Rails, Ember.js, HTML5 MongoDB, Elasticsearch and some Git. With more than 25K users and a team of over 20 professional geeks, we do our best to make education better! Our devforce ranges from students who hack on education part time to full time, full stack, experienced coders. If you would like to join us in making student life better one pull request at a time and want to dig deeper into web building while doing so, keep on reading!

What's under the hood?

On the backend our backend is built with Ruby on Rails, on top of MongoDB. We use ElasticSearch to provide fuzzy search results for many different types of queries. This all runs inside of a contained based environment, distributed over multiple virtual runtimes (which is freaking cool!!).

On the Frontend

The frontend of our platform work with Ember.js to provide real-time updates and easy extensibility. We use the Material Design philosophy to keep everything as modular as possible, ensuring new features can be developed rapidly and side by side.

Join us in Hacking education!

If you would like to apply for a position as a developer at FeedbackFruits, you can apply by sending an email to