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Dentons - Story

About Dentons

Global and local market forces are rapidly changing the practice of law. Clients expect high quality, seamless service delivered faster, cheaper and better everywhere. Globalization—and the correspond...

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Our innovative nature

The Dentons vision is to be the law firm of the future—right now. We are working to reinvent the business of law, capitalizing on new technologies and talent management approaches to better serve our ...

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Our culture

One of the things that makes Dentons unique is our polycentric approach: we have no one global headquarters and no dominant national culture.

Dentons reflects the diversity of our clients and of the co...

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Our people

Dentons is home to top-tier talent that is found at the intersection of geography, industry knowledge and substantive legal experience.

We offer more lawyers and services in more places than any other ...

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Our global reach

Clients want three things: extensive experience, deep industry knowledge and local cultural understanding wherever they operate. Dentons operates at the intersection of all three.

Driven to provide cli...

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