Project Leader Engineering @ Damen Shipyards Group The position: Steers a multidisciplinary team of Section Leaders, Engineers and Specialists, within the boundaries set by the organization. Reports...

Project Leader Engineering

Project Leader Engineering


Vlissingen, Netherlands

The position:

Steers a multidisciplinary team of Section Leaders, Engineers and Specialists, within the boundaries set by the organization. Reports to the Head of Engineering hierarchically, to the Project Manager functionally.

Tasks & Responsibilities:

  • Collects and studies the relevant information for the engineering activities such as: specifications, design drawings and norms and standards;
  • Sets the engineering planning, monitors this, identifies deviations and shall, in consultation with the Head of Engineering and Project Manager take appropriate action if needed;
  • Formulates and distributes work orders and guides the Group Leaders Engineering;
  • Provides for the timely execution on budget of the engineering activities and delivering of approved drawings and technical information on the basis of project planning;
  • Analyzes, evaluates, edits technical drawings, calculations, specifications and offers.
  • Coordinates and maintains information flows with customers, public authorities, regulators and regulatory bodies to obtain timely approvals on documents;
  • Ensures coordination in decision-making and control over the activities of suppliers and subcontractors involved in the engineering phase of the building number;
  • Organizes and promotes participation of colleagues in team meetings with relevant engineering teams, the relevant departments, clients, architect(s), subcontractors and suppliers and reports from this to the Project Manager and Head of Engineering;
  • Reviews, discusses and controls the performance of the Engineering Group leaders and Specialists.

Job requirements:

  • Proven Bachelor/Master working and cognitive level (naval architecture or mechanical engineering):
  • Experience requirement may vary depending on the personality and competencies of the candidates;
  • Good command of the English language;
  • Experienced in shipbuilding / yachts.

Information - applications

Further information relating to this job opening, can be obtained from Mr. Martin Slegers, Head of Engineering, accessible on 0118-482405. 

Applications can be addressed to Ton Uiterwaal, HR department,

Department information

The Engineering department of Amels in Vlissingen is responsible for the production of construction drawings and all the other technical specifications in close collaboration with the Project Manager, the Design, Purchasing, and Work Preparation departments, the hull construction shipyard, and the company's own Outfitting department in Vlissingen. Due to the high specifications that our advanced yachts have to meet, projects have to be carried out by multidisciplinary teams and have to satisfy the increasingly more challenging demands of our clients. The engineering department has a total of 65 staff, who are all dedicated to achieve one single goal, namely the delivery of technical excellence.

Company Information

AMELS emerged in 1982 as a global brand leader in yacht building. A member of Damen Shipyards since 1991, AMELS has launched more than 40 superb custom yachts - universally admired for their flawless quality. 

AMELS builds the Limited Editions range, which revolutionised the marketplace. The Limited Editions concept was introduced in 2005 and now comprises six models that can be entirely personalised using striking designs from world-class designers. 

Next to the Limited Edition yachts, AMELS delivers Custom Build Yachts, SeaXplorer Expedition Yachts and Yacht Support Vessels.