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Diego Acevedo, VP Business Development (Employee at Bluerise)

Diego Acevedo

VP Business Development

Diego Acevedo is a Colombian born Aruban/Dutch... Show more
Joost Kirkenier, VP Engineering (Employee at Bluerise)

Joost Kirkenier

VP Engineering

Joost Kirkenier graduated in mechanical... Show more
Anne-Marije, Project Engineer (Employee at Bluerise)


Project Engineer

After finishing high school in Amsterdam, Anne-Marije (1989)... Show more
Berend Jan Kleute, CTO (Employee at Bluerise)

Berend Jan Kleute


Berend Jan Kleute is CTO and co-founder of... Show more
Remi Blokker, CEO (Employee at Bluerise)

Remi Blokker


Remi Blokker is CEO and co-founder of... Show more

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