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Increase your connections and don't lose track of interesting candidates anymore.

Add a Connect on Magnet.me button on (the careers section) of your own website, grow your number of connections and never lose track of any interesting candidates.

Grow your number of connections

  • Growing the number of your connections helps you get better results. Reach outs to connections are twice as effective as reach out to users that are not connected to you.
  • Your jobs are shown more prominently to users that are connected with you, which improves your (promoted) job performance.

Don't lose track of interesting candidates anymore

  • Candidates that visit (the careers section of) your website and don't see any interesting job opportunities leave your website and remain unknown to you.
  • By giving them the option to connect with you on Magnet.me, you keep track of these candidates and they keep track of your jobs.

Get your ‘Connect on Magnet.me’ button

Place the button on your company (careers) website to stay in touch with potential candidates through your network on Magnet.me.

Copy the code and send it to the administrator of your website. Of course you can also share the link of this page with your administrator.